QwikConnect April 2021

The new QwikConnect has landed Designing for Compatibility in Electrical Wire Interconnect Systems.


Best Practices:

🔹 Materials and platings for Galvanic Compatibility

🔹 EMI/RFI Interference Analysis and Cable Shielding Best Practices

🔹 Contact, Cable, and Connector Pairing for High-Speed Protocol Compatibility

🔹 Matching Connector Construction and Wire Management to System Vibration Levels

🔹 Managing Power Loads for High Voltage and High Amperage Connector Compatibility

🔹 Environmental Protection Levels and Sealing Compatibility

🔹 Optimizing Material Selection for Operating Temperatures

🔹 Matching Cable Jacketing Selection to Environmental Conditions

🔹 Designing Qualification Test Plans IAW Industry Standards


Read our new edition of QwikConnect 2 2021, Designing for Compatibility in Electrical Wire Interconnect Systems

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