QwikConnect 1

This first edition is dedicated to our Series 806 Mil-Aero MIL-DTL-38999 Type Micro Mini connector and cables. Series 806 Mil-Aero are high-performance round mini-connectors suitable for tough environments.


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STAR-PAN™ Integrated Soldier Multiport USB Data Hub / Power Distribution Systems and Tactical Interconnects

The Battle-Tested, Multiport USB Hub, Cable, and Power Management Solution from Glenair with connectors and cables optimized for SWaP.

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New QwikConnect July 2021

Out latest issue of QwikConnect is here Lightweight+Rugged Aviation-Grade Air Taxi Interconnect

Learn about Air Taxi – Concepts of operation.

Also read about the history of aviation. In 1917, Glen Curtiss, “the father of the flying car”, introduced the Curtiss Autoplane. It featured an aluminum Model T Ford-like body, four wheels, a 40-feet wingspan, and a giant 4-blade propeller mounted in the back, which unfortunately was unable to generate adequate lift to propel the aircraft beyond just a few hops down the runway.

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Glenair is a world leading company specialized in interconnective solutions. Our global sales network in Europe, Asia and the USA ensures fast deliveries and high level of technical support. Glenair Nordic covers Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, our customers include both large and small companies.

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