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Contacts, wire and cable

Electrical connector contacts used in multi-pin military standard and commercial equivalent connectors (MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-24308 and others) are controlled by the MIL-DTL-39029 specification (now SAE AS39029) which regulates materials, dimensions, plating thicknesses, electrical properties and other key parameters. Contact types include crimp, coaxial, thermocouple, and wire-wrap variants all exactingly manufactured to strict M39029 requirements. Mil-standard connectors are typically supplied with loose contacts in both pin and socket configurations for a broad range of wire gauges.

Glenair brings a new perspective to the supply of high-performance Mil-Spec and commercial electrical contacts: High Availability! Whether you need a standard duty socket contact for a MIL-DTL-28840 connector or a short-run of shielded Quadrax, we have you covered with products that are always in stock – with no dollar, quantity or length minimums. We also supply many special-purpose and custom contact designs including pneumatic contacts, Octaxial 10Gbit Ethernet contacts and more.

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Glenair is a world leading company specialized in interconnective solutions. Our global sales network in Europe, Asia and the USA ensures fast deliveries and high level of technical support. Glenair Nordic covers Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, our customers include both large and small companies.

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