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Mini events and seminars

Our mini events and seminars is an appreciated element among designers, distributors, and consultants in the entire Nordic region. Glenair comes to your office, displays the latest from the connector industry and showcases innovative interconnect solutions. Then we give you and your colleagues an opportunity to swing by when it suits you best during the workday.


  • To register your interest in a mini event, please contact us, fill in the form below – or get in touch with your usual contact at Glenair. Together we discuss a suitable date and a desired theme/focus of our visit to make it the most interesting for your company.
  • Before our visit we will gladly provide you with material and information to put up around the office, email or post on your intranet.
  • Our crew will arrive about an hour before the mini event starts to prepare and set up our material and products. We are very flexible, but any information about the space we can occupy is appreciated.
  • We will start at the appointed time, and we encourage you to pop by when you have time – we are not there to disrupt the normal workday. During our time (usually between 2-4 hours) we’ll talk to passersby, offer refreshments and show our capabilities.

Glenair trade show schedule


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    Glenair is a world leading company specialized in interconnective solutions. Our global sales network in Europe, Asia and the USA ensures fast deliveries and high level of technical support. Glenair Nordic covers Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, our customers include both large and small companies.

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