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Glenair has been in the business since 1956. We have manufacturing in several locations in the world. Mainly in Glendale (USA), in Bologna (Italy), Salem (Germany) and in Mansfield (UK). Our global sales network in Europe, Asia and the USA ensures fast delivieries and has a high level of technical support.

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Glendale: Complete vertical integration of manufacturing resources-in Southern California since 1956.

Mansfield: Mission-critical connectors and assemblies for UK and European markets with a special focus on micro and nanominiature flexi assemblies.

Italy: Manufacturing harsh-environment military, nuclear and aerospace interconnect technologies for power, high-speed Ethernet and hermetic seal applications.

Salem: Our space systems business unit in salem includes ample production space for presision machining and assembly, 300 sqm ISO 8 and ISO 6 clean rooms, an ISO 5 flow chamber with accommodation for large mock-up projects.


Glenair is a world leading company specialized in interconnective solutions. Our global sales network in Europe, Asia and the USA ensures fast deliveries and high level of technical support. Glenair Nordic covers Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, our customers include both large and small companies.

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