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Hold-Down Release Mechanism

High-reliability, non-explosive electromechanical release mechanism technology for dependable stowage and release of deployable space systems


Glenair HDRM device technology is optimized for reliability with built-in mechanical and electrical redundancy. The planned release of the deployable system is activated by a pre-determined value of electrical current to a fuse-wire system which causes the wire to break under tension and allow the pre-loaded mechanical bolt to actuate. Glenair is now positioned to incorporate HDRM technology into a broad range of customer-defined housing and mounting configurations.


A broad range of hold down release mechanism technologies have been historically used to hold secure and subsequently deploy satellites and other appendages (solar arrays, antenna reflectors, radiators, instruments, doors, sensors, booms, and so on) in space. Most of these technologies relied on non-reusable (explosive/pyrotechnic) designs that suffered from a broad range of deficiencies, including susceptibility to electromagnetic interference, problematic synchronization of release with mission requirements, high-shock release action, and significantly, the inability to reuse or refurbish the device during test.

Glenair has taken a different path in the development of a non-explosive HDRM with a consumable initiator which, post-actuation, allows the device to be refurbished and reset on-site, or at the factory. Glenair fusable wire-actuated nut technology solves all of the problems associated with conventional explosive HDRM devices. In addition, the three key components of the Glenair HDRM (preloading assembly, release actuator, and load-carrying structure) may be packaged according to specific customer requirements.

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