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Glenair products connect and protect sensitive electronic equipment used in mission-critical applications such as commercial and military avionics, soldier gear, unmanned robots, satellites, Navy ships, armored vehicles and ground transportation systems.

Glenair has been in the business since 1956 and manufactures products primarily Glendale (USA), Bologna (Italy) and Mansfield (UK). Glenair is qualified on the broad range of military connectors and accessories and is well equipped to deliver integrated cables and assemblies in addition to discrete connectors, backs hells, EMC technologies and more.

Glenair is well known for delivering higher levels of customer service and support and product quality than is typically found in the interconnect industry and is laser-focused on fast turnaround on everything from quotes and samples, to engineering services and the lightning fast delivery of tens of thousands of in-stock products. At Glenair we care as much about quality as our customers and accordingly we’re certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Documentation and certificates

On our Britich website we have collected information that is and can be important for you as a customer to Glenair.  Its’ creation is intended to help reduce your costs as well as ours. The contents provide you with up to date information on a broad range of topics, which we are constantly being asked to provide. Naturally, this site will be under constant review and it also enables you to easily seek out our position on the range of subjects listed. If there is any documentation you are missing, please let us know.

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