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New catalogs – SpeedMaster and wire protection

Below are two new catalogs published on our American webpage.

Dig deep in test reports and technical information by following the links to our catalogs, and please contact us if you have any questions.


Newly developed SpeedMaster™ 10G is purpose-designed to meet the performance requirements and installation/use preferences of aerospace industry IFEC manufacturers. Optimized for high-speed Cat 6A Ethernet performance, the SpeedMaster™ 10G system offers industry-leading NEXT, return loss and insertion loss performance due to its highly-engineered isolation and separation architecture.

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Easy to assemble, terminate, install and repair, the SpeedMaster™ 10G utilizes size #22D contacts, tools, and cable, and meets the broad range of aerospace industry requirements for random vibration, temperature cycling, durability, and safe, reliable performance

Read more here.
Read our new catalog [10 MB PDF]

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Braided wire protection

The world’s most innovative line of metal, monofilament non-metallic, and microfilament composite and stainless steel braiding solutions for environmental, mechanical, and EMC shielding in interconnect cable assemblies.


Your can read about the three below product groups, but also about our wire protection in materials such as Nomex and PEEK.


Save weight and money every time you fly! All-Up-Weight (AUW) has met its match: ArmorLite™ microfilament stainless steel braid saves pounds compared to standard QQ-B-575/A-A-59569 EMI/RFI shielding. ArmorLite™ is an expandable, flexible, highstrength, conductive stainless steel microfilament braid material designed for use as EMI/RFI shielding in high-performance wire interconnect systems.


For many applications, the cable shield is the most important element in controlling EMI. Unfortunately, metal shielding—especially when applied in multiple layers—can be extremely heavy. The opportunity to provide robust EMI shielding at a fraction of the weight is the principal advantage of composite thermoplastic EMI/RFI braid made from AmberStrand® material.


Legacy self-wrapping cable braid has long been available for EMI/RFI applications and abrasion protection, albeit with poor high-frequency shielding performance due to its heavy weight, inflexibility, and windowing. MasterWrap™, a lightweight, easy-to-install, side-entry, selfwrapping shielding solution solves these problems and more. MasterWrap™ is ideally suited for both long-run wire harness protection as well as spot coverage and maintenance of EMC cable applications.

Read more in our catalog [7 MB PDF]


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