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Archive for June, 2016

Offer on Band-master!

This year Glenair celebrates 60 years in the business!

This is something we at Glenair Nordic wants to celebrate by a irresistable offer to our customers!

When ordering at least 1000 pcs of Slim Standard (601-570, -571, -572, -573) or Nano band (601-500, -504, -508) Glenair will give you the matching tool to go along (601-109 or 601-108 depending on which band are ordered)

Our Band-master tools has a display with counter, this is to make it easier to prepare and plan for calibration. We have also color coded the tools to make it easier to find the right size in your tools box. The latest members in the Band-master family is Slim Standard and Nano.


These bands have:

  • ~50% reduced weight (Slim standard vs standard and Nano vs Micro)
  • ~50% loswer profile (Slim standard vs standard and Nano vs Micro)
  • Are more flexible and easier to use
  • The Nano bands can be used on today’s smaller connectors with shorter banding platform


Read more in our new catalogue, check out page 16 for a comparison of the bands specifications. [3 MB PDF]

Band-Master ATS Catalog 2016-1

Do you have any questions or need help ordering?

Contact us here.

FYI! The offer can only be used 1 time per customer for 1 complete delivery. The offer is only valid for new orders placed after 14th of June and for delivery latest 31st of December 2016.

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Summer pause

shutterstock_14146609 mindre

The summer vacation is soon upon us and we want to inform you
that Glenair Nordic’s office will be closed during week 30 and 31.

Planned shipments from our factories will ship as usual.

Please email during this time for urgent
matters, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wishing you a happy summer!

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