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FOCUS: High-speed

Glenair has noticed a request for technology that can handle high-speed data transmission without any loss in speed, and this post is directed to you with the same need.


We have, with the help of our factory, put together a catalogue that collects a broad spectrum of optronic, fiber optic and electric interconnect solutions suitable for applications with a critical need to not lose any speed. Glenair focuses on these demands every step of the way, not only in the connector – but we strive to have every part of your application as fast and smooth as possible.

We have also included information about our innovative solutions when it comes to accessories; for example our Swing-Arm backshell. Swing-Arm can be called a three-in-one part because of its possibility to adjust in three different positions (straight, 45º and 90º).  Read more here.


Glenair’s high performance fiber optic connectors, cables and solutions have been deployed in hundreds of commercial and military aerospace applications. From multi-function fighter jets such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to IFE backbones in regional and business jet aircraft. Glenair offers training services for assembly and maintenance technicians.

Do you have any questions, or need help ordering?

Contact us here.

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